Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

The Stellenbosch University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, established in 1956, is one of the leading health sciences faculties in South Africa. The faculty’s aim is “to develop future health professionals who through innovation and leadership will promote health, prevent disease, and provide optimal healthcare”.

The student body comprises over 5000 students enrolled in five undergraduate and 80 postgraduate programmes. Not only is there a strong focus on the quality of teaching and learning, the faculty is also recognized for its world class research on several high priority conditions in Africa, including infectious and non-communicable diseases such as HIV and TB, cancer and cardiovascular disease, amongst other research themes.

The Department of Surgical Sciences, headed by Prof Elmin Steyn, consists of nine divisions, namely,  Cardiothoracic surgeryNeurosurgeryOphthalmologyOtorhinolaryngologyOrthopaedic surgeryPaediatric surgeryPlastic reconstructive surgeryUrology and  Surgery.

The vision of the Division of Surgery is to “advance optimal surgical care in South Africa and beyond” by creating and sustaining a culture of transformative learning; contributing to the discovery, sharing and translation of knowledge that will promote health, surgical knowledge and skill; and by benefiting the broader community by means of education, prevention and treatment. The Division consists of a number of units, including Vascular surgery, Trauma surgery,  Breast and endocrineSurgical intensive care, Burns, and  Surgical gastroenterology.

The Division offers both undergraduate and postgraduate training programmes. Postgraduate students wishing to pursue a career in surgery may apply for surgical specialty training towards the degree MMed (CHIR). There are currently 30 registrars in the division undergoing such training. In addition to promoting collaborative and interdisciplinary research, the Division frequently hosts innovative courses, workshops, and congresses, such as the recent annual Registrar Symposium. The Stellenbosch University Surgical Society is “a student-driven society aimed at young aspiring surgeons” and acts as a platform for students to gain knowledge in what various surgical fields have to offer and focuses on teaching and refining practical surgical skills. The society offers various talks and workshops throughout the year and is actively involved in outreach programmes serving communities within the Tygerberg Hospital area.


Information on Q society:

Tygerberg Undergraduate Research Society (also known as Q) is dedicated to undergraduate research at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS), Stellenbosch University. We represent a diverse group of health sciences students who share a common interest in research. As such, we aim to promote interest in research and evidence-based practices within the student body, as well as to support students who are contemplating or conducting research projects of their own.

Our Vision:

  • To promote research and research-related skills development amongst students at the FMHS
  • To promote evidence-based medicine practices in the health sciences
  • To support students that are contemplating or conducting research projects within the FMHS
  • To act as an intermediary and collaborator with students, the faculty, and researchers
  • To represent undergraduate student research interests in the respective faculty forums.

Our general activities include talks, panel discussions, research workshops, and research opportunities

SUSS is a student driven society aimed at young aspiring surgeons and potential future surgeons. SUSS serves as a platform for students to gain knowledge in what the surgical field has to offer and focusses on teaching and refining of practical surgical skills.

Our Vision:

  • To promote and encourage interest and student development in the field of surgery.
  • To enrich and educate students about the field of surgery and in the context of modern society.
  • To develop the surgical knowledge and skills of undergraduate students
  • To better equip undergraduate students for their surgical rotations during internship.

Our general activities include community outreach projects, quiz nights, talks, shadow surgeries, workshops, and research opportunities.

For more information, email SUSS here.


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